Soho® | the charm of industrial design

They also call the Soho® series The Original. Rightly so, because Sealskin was the first to introduce the equally famous and beautiful 'Industrial Design' into the bathroom world. Carefully chosen details, such as the clean, black lines and the visible bolts, provide a unique, industrial experience.

Decisive details
Soho® distinguishes itself through its refined detailing. With small interventions, we achieve great progress in the areas of use, design, installation, maintenance and sealing. It is no coincidence that Soho® revolving doors and walk-in showers have been popular solutions for years.

Special details, such as the concealed hinges and the concealed fixing of the support, give Soho® its modern look. The hinged doors can be installed with a sill or completely without a threshold.

New | Soho® sliding door: all the space for comfort

The decisive advantage of a sliding door is that it does not waste any space. This creates extra possibilities for the design of your bathroom. The Soho® sliding door also offers extra possibilities. It is the perfect solution for a shower in a niche. Or for a corner installation with a side wall. Of course, you can also install two side walls to create a lockable freestanding shower.

The Soho® is standard 210 cm high and is fitted with 8 mm thick safety glass. 

The ease of cleaning Soho®

Easy clean system
For optimum ease of cleaning the sliding doors are equipped with an easy clean system. The sliding panel can be disconnected at the bottom so you can easily reach everything.

Ease of cleaning for a shower
The 8 mm safety glass is equipped as standard with the anti-scaling 'Sealglas' coating. Seal glass ensures that the water runs off the glass surface, making it easier to keep clean. On the inside, the glass is uninterrupted, so it is easy to dry after use; the hinges are hidden, the profiles are only on the outside and the slim handle is placed against the profile.

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