The minimalistic frame combines two worlds: solid construction with an elegant appearance. With meticulous attention to detail, our designers have designed a solid stainless steel handle. The subtle, tangible knurling effect of this handle not only looks good but is also very practical.

During the design phase, we like to see things through your eyes, which is why the side panel is designed without horizontal profiles for a spacious effect. Also, as the door slides, it fits perfectly into the smaller bathroom.

Thanks to the 6mm clear safety glass with Sealglas-coating, your cabin is very durable in use. Honestly, who doesn't want that?



Models for every bathroom





Easy to install

Sealskin Outline showers are quick and easy to install. This is because they are pre-assembled to the maximum and equipped with various installation aids, including screws and Fischer plugs.

The 1-metre stabilisation support can be shortened to any length and can even be mounted at an angle. So your Outline walk-in shower will almost always fit!

Easy to use

For Outline's swing and sliding doors, our designers have designed a solid stainless steel handle with great attention to detail. The subtle, tactile serrated effect of this handle not only looks nice but also provides more grip. So you can always open the doors easily before and after showering!



The cleaning convenience of Outline

Outline's 6 mm safety glass has a special anti-scaling coating 'Sealglas'. Seal glass allows water to run off the glass surface, making it easier to keep clean. In addition, the screws are hidden from view, preventing dirt from getting stuck between them. The sliding panel can be detached at the bottom for easy access to everything. We always think along with you during the design process!

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