Are you looking for a shower enclosure that stands out? That radiates tranquillity and offers greater comfort? Then take a look at our Edge series. Edge stands out for its minimalistic and smart design. The various components such as the glass, the profiles and the sealing strips are made of clear and transparent material for a spacious appearance.

Thanks to the 6mm clear safety glass with Sealglas-coating, your cabin is very durable in use. Honestly, who doesn't want that? Edge is the definition of style, as its sleek silver high-gloss finish creates a timeless look. With Edge, you will enjoy years of fun shower time.



Models for every bathroom





Easy to install

Sealskin Edge showers are quick and easy to install. That's because they are pre-assembled to the max and equipped with various installation tools, including screws and Fischer plugs. 

A wall that is not quite level, or made a measuring error? No problem with the door version with as much as 100 mm of adjustability. So you can be sure you can always install your Edge shower!

Easy to use

Most Edge showers include an integrated towel hook. The revolving doors have an ergonomic handle with the possibility of hanging your towel on the outside. The walk-in showers have a glass recess that can be used as a towel hook. So you never have to look far for your towel again!

The extra height of no less than 2 metres provides more warmth and comfort while showering.



The cleaning convenience of Edge

Edge's 6 mm safety glass has a special anti-scald coating 'Sealglas'. Seal glass allows water to run off the glass surface, making it easier to keep clean. The profiles have no breaks, so you can keep your shower clean. With Edge, you will have years of shower pleasure!

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